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A Delicious Misunderstanding
Title: A Delicious Misunderstanding
Pairing: 2NY/SunFany
Genre: Smut
Rating: NC-17.
Word Count: 2724
Note: Translation of the fanfiction I wrote in French. Previously posted on AFF. (here)
Disclaimer: I do not own anything, this work is purely fictional.
Summary: "I want you, only you," were the words Tiffany pronounced. Sunny remembered perfectly and announced herself to Tiffany, taking her words literally.

    There always was this little something, this want for more that lived in the bottom inside of Tiffany when she looked at other girls. It was something that itched, that devoured her from the inside. She put that on the resplendent beauty which other women were gifted with, because it had to be said, the women she frequented were more than beautiful. She thought it was out of pure curiosity, and not that she was bisexual or worse even, lesbian. This, she was persuaded and with time, she learnt to tame this desire that existed in her and even play with it. But all that, it was without taking into account Lee Soonkyu.

    Lee Soonkyu was undoubtly the person Tiffany feared the most. Her vey existence was a weapon and Tiffany often found herself victim, the same as so many before her, it was a secret to no one. Despite her short height — which was in no way a negative thing, the opposite actually — she had other assets that compensated. Must her luscious lips be mentioned? Whether it was intentional or not, Soonkyu never ceased to attack.

    It was clear after numerous signals that both women were searching each other. After an endless wait, they finally found each other, keeping well to themselves not to reveal anything of their relationship to anyone. Except maybe the mention of a family with Prince, Sunny being the appa; they continued to play the innocents in everybody's eyes and act as if there was nothing going on between them. And even when they were away from gazes, Tiffany didn't let herself go completely, scared that she wouldn't be able to control herself. She had to keep control, it was one of the most important thing to Tiffany.

    That is why she prepared herself mentally for this encounter, as small as a moment alone with Sunny was, she mustn't let her guards down and risk to see her impulses go wild. If it was to happen, it would be the beginning of the end.

    And at this precise moment, Tiffany was certain of two things.

    Firstly: that she made a mistake. It was not, really not what she imagined when inviting Sunny. Far from that.

    And secondly: no matter what mistake she made, she didn't care at all.

    Was it her eyes that betrayed her? Or her words, where more than once she heard herself say byun things that her mind should have kept to itself?

    It was Taeyeon's fault, here was the result after spending so much time in the company of the most pervert one in the universe.

    Anyway, the facts were here. She wasn't dreaming, Sunny was indeed standing in front of her, in the nude. Tiffany couldn't help but devour her with her eyes, completely captivated by the voluptuous body Sunny was revealing to her only.

    “You like what you see?”

    Sunny's voice was abnormally innocent, and in a way that Tiffany totally ignored the logic, added to the eroticism of the show. Her jaw dropped, just like the trench coat Sunny had on her shoulder an instant ago, the scene taken out directly from one of those famous movie. The words got lost somewhere in the way between her pulsating heart and her knotted throat and Tiffany swallowed, hoping to disentangle the knots and manage to let escape at least one, but to no avail. Not a single word wanted to get out.

    “It was what you wanted, no? Me, and nothing else?”

    More than her cute pout and her big eyes, it was her index finger, pressed against her so sensual lips, that made Tiffany's legs squeeze together, suddenly conscious of her damp underwear.

    In front of the lack of reaction from the American girl, Sunny was forced to change her plans, the surprise had worked well, so well even. The same as a predator, she inched closer silently ; the air was cool in the room and Tiffany's eyes noticed instantly — because her breasts were another one of her countless assets — the dark areolas shrink and the nipples harden, pointing at her in some sort of challenge. Once again, she swallowed and with it, the desire to touch.

    Sunny was closer and closer. Dangerously close. Her eyes took the time to note how Tiffany's chest was rising and falling rapidly, sketching a small smile on her lips.

    “You're not going to do anything?”

    It came like a breeze, tickling her right ear delicately, and it was pure torture. Torture, because instead of a soft voice, all Tiffany wanted to hear was Sunny's screams while she was fucking her.

    Sunny took a step back and they stared at each other in the eyes. Sunny's ones were completely dark with want and expectation. It was everything Tiffany really needed to get out of this trance, see what Sunny wanted.

    In a flash, they jumped at one another. Tiffany's hands flew to Sunny's face and their lips crashed together. The kiss was harsh, however, none of them cared. Sunny was way too busy undressing Tiffany that she didn't notice the girl was taking her to the bedroom, until she fell on a really pink bed.

    It was the first time Tiffany was in such a position, on top of Sunny, in total dominance. Her hair a bit everywhere and her gaze warm, Sunny seemed so fragile. Once again, it was her and her bold behaviour that made things move, but Tiffany didn't want to waste this chance to show that she too, was capable to take matters into her own hands. Pun taken in count, of course.

    She pressed her lips against Sunny's again, but in a softer way this time. The kiss was deeper and slower, they were determined to take their time in order to learn each other well now.

    Sunny, although in a timid manner, took the initiative and brushed lightly with her tongue Tiffany's bottom lip. There wasn't a need for a second time for Tiffany to welcome her warmly with her own. They let out a sigh in a sign of approval. Their salivas were mixing together and they tried to find in each other this particular and delicious taste, forcing them to always go further in the exploration of the other's mouth.

    Sunny had her tongue pressing everywhere around Tiffany's, almost as if she wanted to taste each part of her tongue. She followed it when Tiffany pulled out to do the same with Sunny's lips, dragging the tip of her tongue slowly all around those enchanting lips, carving these special shapes in her memory.

    Sunny had enough and continued to undress Tiffany, her hands went around her torso to her back so she could unhook her bra. She needed Tiffany naked too, to feel her against her skin, her body heat, her heart beat against hers. Feeling the urgency of the situation, Tiffany got up and without thinking twice, got rid of all her clothes in a hurry.

    She too felt the fresh air make her hair rise. But the second after, it was warm hands that pulled her back on the bed, that caressed her and pushed her against Sunny. Their bodies were so close now that not a single space was in between them. They kissed with passion, always avid to feel and taste more of the other.

    Everything wasn't enough anymore. Tiffany shifted her attention to the delicate skin of Sunny, delivering a rain of kisses on her neck, her shoulder, her chest. Sunny's eyes could not stay open, her head swinging backwards to leave the area free for the downpour, completely offering herself to the younger woman.

    Tiffany took a pause and allowed her fingers to roam mindlessly along Sunny's body, from her breasts to her legs, her eyes doing the same but really everywhere. She was so soft, all those curves made her so desirable it was difficult for her to understand how she could hold herself back all this time from touching her like this. Sunny bit her lip, her eyes always closed. She was trembling with impatience and was anticipating the next moves of her belle.

    Tiffany leant down and took the tip of Sunny's breasts in between her lips, a surprised yelp escaping from Sunny. One of her hands went to give attention to the other breast and the reaction was clearly positive hearing the soft voice coming from Sunny's mouth.

    Tiffany ventured herself always lower, laying her lips on Sunny's stomach. Her hands grazed her waist slowly, again and again. She got up.

    Her stare was fixed on Sunny's most intimate area. And although she couldn't see it, Sunny guessed. Her cheeks took on a pinkish tint but she didn't move, letting Tiffany admire her as much as she wanted. Tiffany caressed Sunny's legs and stopping at her ankles, pushed gently so she had her legs bent and finally, spread them.

    For a moment, Tiffany forgot how to breathe and when she remembered, her breathing quickened considerably.

    She saw everything of Sunny. Absolutely everything. Sunny's excitement was leaking in big drops. Unconsciously, Tiffany licked her lips.

    She put her finger at the place where the liquid was flowing, causing Sunny to jump at the contact, surprising Tiffany at the same time.

    “Are you okay?” Tiffany quickly asked, terrified at the thought of doing anything that could hurt the woman she loved.

    Sunny nodded timidly, trying to recollect herself. “I'm okay... It's just that I wasn't expecting that...”

    Tiffany smiled back, relieved. She got closer again and using her fingers to spread Sunny's folds, being careful not to touch her sex from too close. It was amazing how wet she was. It was making her so thirsty. A little spot caught her attention and she touched it with her index finger.

    Once again, the reaction was instantaneous. A cry escaped and Sunny's body jerked forward. It was exactly what Tiffany wanted, hear Sunny scream from pleasure.

    “You like it when I touch you there?” Tiffany questioned with a playful tone before doing it again.

    Sunny couldn't keep her cries, nor her body from reacting so violently. She nodded her head, this one always leant back and closed her hands around the sheets.

    “I didn't hear you,” Tiffany kept torturing and made another pressure.

    “A-Ah! Yes, I like it!” yelled Sunny.

    It was so exhilarating to have such a hold on Sunny, her, the most adventurous, the most confident and strong of all the soshi was now there, to the entire mercy of Tiffany. She decided to enjoy this a little bit more and allowed her fingers to press against this little button, apparently the trigger of pleasurable moans and screams. She could see Sunny's body turning into a colour she deeply adored, making her want to taste her skin oh so badly. She laid some kisses here and there before kissing Sunny fully on the lips. Sunny didn't stop voicing her pleasure, her voice vibrating inside Tiffany.

    “Tiffany...” her voice was barely above a whisper but Tiffany heard it and picked up without any trouble the request hiding behind it.

    She moved her fingers slightly lower, completely wetting them now. Sunny was desperately trying to push them inside her, she needed so much more than that and lifted her pelvis. But Tiffany was still in her playful mood and didn't permit it. Sunny started whining in pure agony.


    It did the trick, Tiffany bit her lip and gave in. Her fingers traced a light circle at the entrance of Sunny's womanhood before going deeper, slowly, because she didn't really know what to expect. Sunny's whole body stiffened, she wrapped her arms around Tiffany's neck and held her tightly, her face tensed. But since nothing showed that she wanted her to stop, Tiffany continued, until her fingers were completely wrapped in Sunny's heat and wetness, her body relaxing then. Tiffany was slightly relieved.

    “I am not hurting you?” she asked, always worried.

    Sunny shook her head and offered her a smile.

    “Far from that,” she answered while letting her fingers travel in Tiffany's hair.

    Tiffany returned the smile and, now reassured, started moving her fingers in and out. It was something so enthralling, Sunny's face that contorted in pleasure. Her eyes were barely open and her mouth slightly agape let her little mewls go through, always feeding the desire Tiffany had for her.

    Wanted to give her more, Tiffany pressed her lips on her neck. She licked, sucked, bit lightly, leaving numerous love marks on different spots. The rhythm sped up when Sunny herself moved her hips and in an instant, the tempo was the same for both women.

    Sunny could feel something in her lower stomach, something that was growing. Everywhere Tiffany was kissing her, her skin was burning and she wanted more warmth, the vicious cycle never ending. Her hand took possession of a handful of Tiffany's hair and guided her face lower down to her chest. The young girl continued assaulting her skin, then her breasts.

    “Tiffany...!” shouted Sunny, almost breathless. She was close, so close. Her hips moved faster, and Tiffany could only follow the frantic rhythm at which she was going. Her fingers started to cramp, pushing more against Sunny's very tight walls.

    Everything was only warmth, this thing that was emanating from Tiffany's fingers and that propagated everywhere inside Sunny's body, similar to love. Sunny, her hand still gripping Tiffany's hair, forced her to kiss her. She had to feel Tiffany as much as she could.

    “I love you...!” she quickly confessed despite the lack of oxygen in her lungs. “I love you, I love you Tiffany!”

    She felt like she was going to leave, that everything was going to break.

    “I love you Sunny,” Tiffany answered immediately. After only two or three more thrusts, Sunny reached her orgasm. Her body stilled and she let out the most sensual of moan. Tiffany never thought Sunny could emit such a sound. She felt a warm liquid on her hand and when Sunny's body sank into the mattress, she stopped moving as well. She could only admire Sunny's face while she was catching her breath.

    It seemed so right and normal to see Sunny like this ; to feel her so intimately, her heat around her fingers, her skin against hers, their bodies tangled together and becoming one only. She wanted this moment to never end, but Sunny suddenly got back to her senses. Her lips formed a smile, hiding her eyes before she could even open them. It was a rather tired smile, but it was enough to fill Tiffany with joy.

    They shared a tender kiss, words not important at this moment. And what else was there to say that wasn't already? Tiffany pulled out her hand and without shame, licked it clean. For the second time this night, Sunny blushed. Amused, Tiffany smiled and kissed her before lying down next to her.

    “I love you,” Tiffany simply stated.

    Sunny blushed even more and hid her face in the crook of Tiffany's neck, holding her close. She was so cute acting all timid suddenly, Tiffany thought. She put her arms around Sunny and closed her eyes, fully enjoying this moment.

    “I love you too...” Sunny finally replied, although her words her slightly distorted since she was speaking against Tiffany's chest.

    Tiffany delicately stroked her back. These words, only words, the exact same as before, were like waves of emotions so lovely and intense now that were invading her. It was like she went through a wall, another world, where the meaning of Sunny's words were changed and took a more important measure than until now.

    Tiffany held her tighter in her arms.

    “I'm so happy.”

    Sunny moved her head slightly so she could look at Tiffany in the eyes. She stayed mute, letting Tiffany continue.

    “I'm so happy to see this side of you.”

    Tiffany cupped Sunny's cheek in her hand and stroked it. She was looking at her with so much love, Sunny thought she was going to burst into tears.

    It was stupid to hold back, to control herself. The love she had for Sunny, she was going to show her and make her as happy as she was making her.

    “I love you so much Sunny.”

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Wow. Just wow. This was great, more than great. 2ny is my guilty pleasure and this was delivered very nicely. The way Tiffany's desire is described is very well written. I look forward to reading more of your works.

Thanks for sharing~

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