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Help Me To Sleep
Title: Help Me To Sleep
Pairing: SunSica
Genre: Smut
Rating: NC-17.
Word Count: 2386
Note: Specially written for a fellow Sunny lover. Previously posted on AFF. (here)
Disclaimer: I own nothing, this work is purely fictional.
Summary: Jessica usually never have problem finding sleep. That is, usually.

    Normally, Jessica would find sleep within a second. She doesn't have to think at all, she just has to lie there and her body would automatically shut down. But for the first time ever, she couldn't go to dreamland. She couldn't shake thoughts of Sunny out of her mind, pictures of her naked body under a stream of hot water kept tormenting her, no matter how sleepy she was. Even though the sound of the running water was gone already.

    She hated to feel that way. She hated Sunny for making her feel like this. Sleep was something very important to Jessica, it was her escape from everything real. If she could, she would sleep the day away, all week even, without feeling the slightest bit of guilt at all. But she couldn't now. With a huff, she threw the covers off herself, jumped out of bed and went out of the room. Right then, the door of the bathroom opened and she was face to face with Sunny, a towel tightly wrapped around her body and another one in her hair.

    “Can't find sleep?” Sunny asked, surprised when seeing Jessica.

    Sunny's skin was glistening and radiating heat. It seemed like her breasts were going to burst out of the towel.

    For all answer, Jessica took a step towards Sunny and kissed her hard. The little towel Sunny had in her hand to dry her hair fell to the ground and soon, she found herself kissing back with so much force she pushed Jessica against the wall. Sunny has always been the dominant type, much to Jessica's taste. The previously tired girl felt a tongue shoot through her lips and a sensual dance ensued inside her mouth. She grew hotter, squished in between the hard wall and Sunny's soft chest.

    “I thought you were exhausted...” Sunny mumbled, breathless, planting kisses down Jessica's jaw before going to nibble her ear. The scent coming from Sunny's still wet air was strong and sent Jessica's head spinning. Citrus.

    “Couldn't...” Jessica took in a really needed breath when a hand slipped underneath her shirt and slid up her side. “Because of you.” She felt Sunny smile against her neck.

    “I'm really sorry then...” the hand cupped Jessica's breast and squeezed gently. “But you won't sleep now.”

    Jessica gasped when Sunny pushed her knee in between her legs. All the buttons of her shirt popped, revealing her heaving flushed chest. A pair of lips trailed down her breasts to kiss them softly. How Sunny missed these candies. She took a nipple in her mouth and quickly felt it harden against her tongue. She sucked it with abandon and did the same to the other bud. Jessica moaned and tangled a hand in Sunny's hair, pushing her chest more into Sunny's mouth. She was eager to have Sunny take her already but she knew better than that, Sunny can be a really wicked tease when she wanted to be.

    Fortunately for Jessica, it seemed like Sunny was just as eager as she. She felt Sunny's tongue run slowly on her lower stomach and her pants fell down her ankles, together with her panties. She glanced down and saw Sunny look back at her before everything turned blank. Sunny's tongue was twirling around her tiny nub, sucking and nibbling softly. Jessica's hands were pulling at the now light auburn hair, all coherent thoughts vanished from her mind. When Sunny's tongue spread her pussy lips apart and gradually pushed inside her, she struggled to keep standing, her legs turning wobbly.

    “S-Sunny...” Jessica panted, not sure about what she wanted to say.

    Sunny caught on and went back on her feet. She kissed Jessica deeply, arms snaking around her and her knee back against Jessica's core, the wetness seeping through her flesh. Jessica could taste herself slightly on Sunny's tongue and hummed softly in approval. Sunny pressed her knee against Jessica a few times, further increasing her ache and pleasure. Sunny's strong arms then lifted Jessica and the ice princess wrapped her arms around the younger girl's neck so as to not break the kiss. Sunny smiled against her lips as she locked Jessica's legs around her hips. It was an eye-smile.

    That's when Jessica noticed that Sunny still had this bloody towel on. She reached out in between them to free the pair of breasts and feel them.

    “Fucking towel,” she cursed because of course, with her legs around Sunny, she couldn't fully remove it.

    Sunny smiled again.

    “Forget that,” she whispered against Jessica's lips.

    And forget it, Jessica did. Two fingers rubbed against her folds, sending waves of electricity down her spine. She tightened her grip around Sunny's neck.

    “Oh God...”

    Jessica buried her face in Sunny's neck, whimpering. Sunny absolutely loved to hear Jessica whimper. It was so sweet to hear, it made her go totally crazy. She teased Jessica more, pressing a digit against her clit. Jessica whimpered again, running her hand through Sunny's hair and pulling at it.

    “Fuck me already..!” she ordered with a shaky breath, glaring at Sunny. Her patience was wearing thin.

    Sunny giggled and pressed her lips on Jessica's, her fingers plunging inside her. Jessica let out a satisfied moan as she felt the fingers fill her so nicely and Sunny took this as an opportunity to slip her tongue in her mouth. Sunny gently massaged the other tongue as her fingers slowly pumped in and out of Jessica's warm hole. Jessica could barely kiss back, it was overwhelming to say the least, having Sunny fingering her in this position.

    She started rolling her hips as much as she could, increasing the pace and pushing the fingers even deeper inside her, almost to the bottom. Sunny was already sweating, probably because of the thin layer of water still on her skin and the slightly humid towel wrapped around her. The pace went erratic and Jessica had to pull away from the kiss. She licked her lower lip, where Sunny left a bit of her delicious saliva. Both their gazes were fixed strongly on the other's, their breaths washing over their trembling lips and the sound of the fingers' slick movements overlapping their heavy pants.

    Jessica was looking down at Sunny, towering her. She didn't want to look away from those mesmerising eyes but she was feeling so incredibly good, she feared she was going to lose control of her body soon. She leant her forehead on Sunny's, boring her eyes deeper into hers and getting lost in them. It was her last attempt to keep looking at her before her release.

    She bit her lip hard, her brows knit together and her eyes almost closed.

    “I'm gonna come Sunny..” Jessica croaked out.

    Sunny could tell by the way her fingers were squeezed inside. She wrapped her arm securely around Jessica and didn't relent, curling and uncurling her fingers at a rapid pace.

    “Move with me.”

    Jessica nodded and moved her hips again. She was almost there and whimpered softly once more against Sunny's neck. Sunny closed her eyes, her own breathing ragged. It was very difficult to move inside Jessica when she was this tight. She had to push her fingers real hard and she doubted she could keep going for long, her wrist being already sore but she bore with it, determined to make Jessica come. Teeth sank down on the skin where Sunny's neck and shoulder met, muffling Jessica's cries as she came undone. Sunny kept thrusting her fingers, welcoming the pain wholeheartedly. Jessica bit her even harder, causing Sunny to wince a little. She was sure it wouldn't take much more for her to bleed.

    Sunny's fingers came to a stop but she stayed put, enjoying the feeling of Jessica's quivering pussy, sucking her fingers in even deeper. She only pulled out when Jessica released her vampire hold on her. Now aware of her doings, Jessica pressed her lips on top of the bite mark in an attempt to soothe the pain. To tell her it was alright, Sunny kissed her neck back as well and after that, licked her fingers coated with Jessica's honey clean.

    They kissed passionately while Sunny brought them back to their room. Jessica moaned softly into Sunny's mouth, she could spend her days kissing Sunny, even more when she tasted herself on her lips and tongue. Sunny knew about it and took advantage of it as much as she could. She blindly looked for the switch and turned on the lights. She then carefully laid Jessica down on the bed as her tongue was being sucked on. It drew a low moan out of her and again, she wanted to ravish Jessica.

    “Take off your shirt,” Sunny panted, tugging at it.

    Jessica sat up and threw the already unbuttoned shirt somewhere in the room before pulling at the only thing left separating their bodies now, unravelling Sunny's towel and tossing it away too. Sunny fell into Jessica's arms, their tongues battling for power and their hands conquering formerly visited territories of skin.

    Sunny's heart was pounding inside her chest. She redoubled her efforts and sucked on Jessica's bottom lip. Jessica bent her knees and pushed one into Sunny's core, mimicking what Sunny had done to her earlier. Sunny gasped, propping herself on her hands. Her body approved of this, her arousal pooling and leaking. She grinded down on Jessica's leg slightly, enjoying it. She still couldn't stop herself from wanting to pleasure Jessica however. It was a desire stronger than any other, stronger than getting her own release, no matter how badly she needed it.

    She smirked and moved slightly, spread Jessica's legs open wide and glided her fingers up and down her wet folds. Jessica didn't seem to want to pursue doing Sunny, rather, she couldn't anymore. Against Sunny, her will was weak.

    “Do you want my fingers inside you again?” Sunny asked, the said fingers still torturing her.

    Jessica nodded, her bottom lip trapped in between her teeth. Sunny's dirty talking only excited her more. The aegyo queen smirked again and pushed her fingers excruciatingly slowly inside Jessica's soggy pussy. When they were deep inside, Sunny lied on top of Jessica and whispered hotly in her ear.

    “If you want my fingers, then you'll have to ride them...”

    There, Jessica saw her, the mischievous Sunny hiding behind an angelic face. She thought she wouldn't see her tonight. At this point though, Jessica would do anything to get off so she pushed Sunny down, flipping them over and straddled her. Sunny still had this annoying smirk on her lips and Jessica clawed at her stomach. Sunny growled, her face scrunched up in pain, but the two fingers inside Jessica were still not moving. So Jessica did the work herself, riding her slowly at first to really feel Sunny inside her. She knew how stubborn Sunny could be so there was no other way, really.

    Sunny was enjoying the view of Jessica on top of her and couldn't help but take one breast in her hand, rolling the nipple under her thumb. Jessica was losing it again, she closed her eyes and grinded down fervently on Sunny's fingers, moaning. When Sunny's thumb rubbed against her clit, she moaned out even louder.

    “Like this, yeah..!”

    Jessica was incredibly sexy, bouncing up and down on Sunny's fingers. The look of concentration on her face made Sunny love her more somehow. She moved her hand from her breast to cup her ass cheek and squeezed, earning another moan from Jessica.

    Knowing she wouldn't be able to reach her orgasm like this, Jessica switched position, planting her feet on either side of Sunny. Sunny gulped down hard at the sight of Jessica's pussy.

    “Oooh.. Fuck yes...!”

    It was definitely better like this. Jessica slammed her pussy down harder each time, her breasts swinging slightly around. She started to clench around the fingers and her breaths were really short now. Sunny reached out and spread Jessica's folds with her free hand, and damn, it felt amazing to Jessica.

    “Sunny! Fuck, I'm gonna come again!” Jessica was almost there when she suddenly felt herself being pushed down.

    “Tsk tsk, not like this honey,” Sunny cooed softly, this glint of slyness still in her eyes.

    “Sunny, what ar–” Jessica's breath hitched when Sunny picked up the torrid pace at which Jessica was going just a moment ago. “Oh fuck fuck fuck!” Jessica cried out, leaning her head back and closing her eyes. “Don't stop Sunny, don't stop!”

    “Not until you cum in my mouth,” Sunny answered. She momentarily stopped and kissed her way down Jessica's body. She sucked Jessica's clit in her mouth and resumed her fingering as Jessica gripped at the bed sheet.

    “Oh Jesus...” Jessica rolled her eyes in pure pleasure. She bit her lips and fought hard to open her eyes again to see Sunny going down on her. It turned her on like nothing else in this world. The two fingers were twisting inside her hot, wet hole, pushing her closer to the edge while Sunny kept sucking on her clit. “Sunny...” Jessica whimpered almost inaudibly. Her body moved on its own and Jessica's legs wrapped around Sunny's head to trap it in between.

    Jessica couldn't hold it anymore, she threw her head back and let go, emptying herself on Sunny's face and hand. As soon as she felt Jessica come, Sunny immediately positioned her mouth to get everything of her sweet juices, really greedily. She moaned, never getting tired of the taste of her beloved. She lapped her juices and smiled when seeing how spent Jessica was, her legs falling down on the bed.

    Sunny licked her hand clean and licked her lips as well.

    “You don't want to taste yourself?” Sunny questioned with an eyebrow raised.

    Jessica didn't answer. Her eyes wouldn't open anymore. Sunny smiled slightly, caressed Jessica's thigh softly and kissed her on the cheek. She turned off the lights, returned to bed and pulled Jessica into her, wrapping the covers over their bodies.

    “Goodnight Sica. I love you,” Sunny whispered, rubbing her cheek on top of Jessica's head.

    “Night...” came Jessica's tired voice. She circled Sunny's waist and nuzzled her neck, just where a love bite showed before she finally fell into a deep slumber.

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Oh wow *fans self* Sunny is always so fun in smut, such a god damn tease, well at least Jessica got what she wanted in the end. You make me feel like such a perv since I enjoyed reading this so much.

Super hot, anticipating more smut from you ;D Thanks for sharing~

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